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The enthusiasm of new moms makes them excited to buy various mom and baby supplies and do many things. Unfortunately, not a few of the new moms are still confused about what equipment to buy to make it more comfortable and optimal in caring for their little one.

Even though there are quite a lot of equipment products needed by mom and baby, you still have to be selective when buying them, including carefully considering the materials. Every mom and baby product must be safe, non-toxic and not contain any harmful ingredients. You have a large selection of mom and baby products on the market, and one that is currently popular is mom and baby silicone products.

Silicone rubber has many advantages when compared to products made of plastic, metal or other materials, both in terms of quality and price. The flexible characteristics of silicone make this material able to be processed into various types of innovative products. Below are 6 essential silicone products that a new mom must have to make her baby care journey easier!

1. Silicone Breast Pump



A breast pump is an essential equipment for a new mom. This device has 3 different types based on how it is used: manual, electric and silicone breast pumps. You can choose it based on your needs and convenience. Manual breast pumps work by pumping manually, the electric type uses batteries or electricity, while silicone breast pumps can suck milk simply by attaching the device to your breast.




Regardless of the type, breast pumps made from silicone rubber always have more value in flexibility, temperature resistance, durability, and safety for health. Breast pumps made of silicone have a non-slip surface and are soft when in direct contact with your skin. It's no wonder that silicone rubber is a favorite material for manufacturers to make various products such as household appliances, cooking utensils, the best silicone rings, and many more.


2. Silicone Breast Milk Storage Bags




Breast milk bags are one of the must-have breastfeeding equipment for new moms, especially if you are a working mother. The silicone breast milk storage bag provides an easy solution for storing, freezing, warming and serving breast milk for your little one.

Different from disposable plastic breast milk bags, silicone breast milk bags are more eco-friendly because you can wash them before reusing them many times. Silicone's resistance to temperature will also help you maintain good quality breast milk during storage.


3. Silicone Nipple Protector




The third product that new moms need is a nipple shield made of thin silicone that is placed on the areola and nipple. It is used as a short-term solution when babies have difficulty learning to breastfeed. This tool makes it easier for the baby to suck on the mother's inverted, short or flat nipple. It makes the nipples longer to help stimulate your baby's palate, where the sucking reflex is located.

Silicone rubber is stable against a wide range of temperatures so it's easy for you to sterilize your nipple protector to keep it clean. Make sure you choose a food grade silicone material that is safe, odorless and tasteless.


4. Silicone Baby Teether



The use of a teether is recommended for babies from 3 months of age. When babies feel itchy and sore gums, biting on the silicone teether makes them feel more comfortable. This indirectly helps the growth of baby teeth. In addition, the use of a teether can help train the baby's motor nerves, because they are learning to grip at the same time.

You don't have to worry about safety because reliable suppliers of silicone products, such as Newtop Rubber, only offer products from FDA-certified silicone rubber that are non-toxic, soft, elastic, and durable. They also provide silicone teether products in a variety of cute and innovative designs.




Choose a teether that is easy for the baby to hold and is safe to put in the mouth. Adjust the size of the teether to the size of the baby's hand. If you have trouble finding the right size, you can make your own baby teether ring from wholesale silicone beads, which you can also use to make other accessories such as DIY necklaces, bracelets or key chains.


5. Silicone Baby Finger Toothbrush



It is important to maintain oral hygiene and health since newborns, both for the baby's tongue and gums. Keeping your baby's mouth clean can help prevent future tooth decay, such as cavities. Of course, moms can't use a regular toothbrush to do this, but a silicone baby finger toothbrush.

Silicone baby finger toothbrush is specially designed for the early stages of maintaining baby's oral hygiene (gums, teeth and tongue) from leftover milk or other food. Due to its smooth and flexible surface, silicone is an ideal material for baby toothbrushes. You can choose products that have a double-sided design, which provides soft bristles features on one side and delicate massage bumps on the other.


6. Silicone Baby Bum Brush



Diaper rash is a common problem for new moms and their babies. You can use baby bum cream to relieve mild rashes and provide protection to the baby's bottom against substances or activities that cause diaper rash. To make it easier to apply the cream on your baby's skin, use a baby bum brush made of soft and flexible silicone material. Cream application becomes smoother, more even and faster. Not only for baby bum cream, this silicone brush is versatile for many applications as well.


Those are 6 silicone products that can make a new mom's life easier. Now, try to check your mom and baby equipment, do you already have all those products? If not, it's time to hunt!

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